.::SHIFT | a short film::.


We made sure to cast a very diverse and specific range of actors who don’t look like actors in the least, but could carry themselves and wear on their faces the years of hardship it took to make these people who they truly are. This is a story about these people, and they are not just made up for the sake of story. In fact, they make the story. I feel these characters will bring something new and original to the world, and there hasn’t been a time in my short lifetime where their struggle has been more relevant than now. Though casting was a big challenge that lasted for over a year (with hundreds of people seen and/or considered for each role), it is was a challenge well identified and was a key point in the pre-production of this film. We couldn't have been happier with our final cast. Without these characters, this film could not exist.

ALEX (Aldous Davidson)
20 year old college student and aspiring actor | half asian and half jewish american who is not at all in touch with his heritage | accidentally hired at the mailroom under the false assumption that he is chinese | upper middle class | only working part-time for summer (only takes job because economy is bad and wants his days free for potential acting gigs) | wants to save up money for headshots | young/smiling/nervous | not very personable as much as other actor types | comes to work as a lower-rate replacement of someone who used to work at the mailroom

50 years old | caucasian (only non-minority in the mailroom) | working class | holds 2 full-time jobs | grizzled/tired/worn

LOUIS (Al Thompson)
30 years old | the only african american at the job | mockingly makes fun of wing, but sincerely loves wing’s crazy ways | funny guy, but also cynical | doesn’t like this new kid coming into replace his old buddy, Frank, who got laid off earlier in the year

OSCAR (Paul Sum)
55 years old | first-generation chinese | the manager/link to the upper bosses | hires alex because he mistakenly assumes that alex is chinese | the only one who initially makes an effort to really connect with alex

WING (Jackson Ning)
late-60s (the oldest guy at the job) | first-generation chinese | only at the mailroom who doesn’t also work a day job (because of his age) | very crazy, but endearing in his weirdness

BRIAN (Jarett Gonzalez)
late 20s | hispanic | is into hip-hop culture | though younger in age than the rest of the workers, he does not connect with Alex in the least

YAO (Nathaniel Geng)
mid 40s | first-generation chinese | speaks exclusively in mandarin | his only friend is chris chan, who speaks to him in mandarin | gets laid off due to slow economy and his age

CHRIS CHAN (Hiram Chan)
late 20s | first-generation chinese | yao’s only friend | speaks primarily in mandarin | very into modern chinese pop culture

MELANIE (Allyn Rachel)
18 year old caucasian girl | very rich and privileged | ex-girlfriend of alex | doesn’t understand the plight of the workers at alex’s job

DOUG (Russ Russo)
late 20s to early 30s | dave is a family friend of melanie’s | privileged, fickle young guy who still has his parents capital to start up a production company | does whatever he wants because of his financial backing | outsiders see him as ambitious, but he really doesn't have to struggle much to aspire to do whatever he wants

CASEY (Matthew Sacullo)
late 20s | a "hot" young commercial director recruited by doug to direct spec commercials for doug's production company | bumbling and indecisive | creatively vapid

TATE (Geoff Golia)
20s | a star makeup artist recruited by doug to work on spec commercials | very hip | takes his work very seriously as art, even when his end product sucks

20s | unhappy underpaid crew who take on doug's projects due to lack of other financial opportunities

MELANIE'S MOM (Yvonne Cornell)
late 40 s | rich trophy wife | likes Alex and misses his presence in her daughter's life